About Truemax


     Hangzhou Truemax Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is an integrated supplier of machinery engineering, manufacturing, trading, parts and after-sales services for international projects.

Over a decade of active efforts and innovations, the company has provided stable and high-quality construction equipments and Provide one stop solution for many well-known projects such as Houseing, high-rise buildings,road construction, bridges, tunnels, airports and Sea Port in more than 100 countries around the world. In particular, TRUEMAX Concrete equipments have attained wide spread appreciation.

During this process of development, Truemax has also won several honorary titles such as “Hangzhou Key Company” and ” Zhejiang Export Famous Brand.”

Ingenious quality, global service, and contribution to the construction equipments industry in the world! Truemax is taking this mission for the development of the company and leading all TRUEMAX partners to jointly build, share and win together, and make unremitting efforts for a bette Future

We the members of truemax, are dedicated to continuously improve our products to the satisfaction of our customers and meeting applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We believe in being fair and honest to our customers through providing premium quality products, services and to our employees through aiding them in achieving their career objectives, and to ourselves through continuous strive for excellence and growth.

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  • Truemax

1. Logo Description

One ferghana horse called TRUEMAX, is chasing the sun. “TRUE” stands for true, real, honest and loyal. “MAX” stands for maximum. The whole word “TRUEMAX” means “TRUE TO MAX, TRUST US”.

 2. Logo Significance

The head of horse is golden yellow. It symbolizes that “TRUEMAX” is invincible, wisdom and strength, chasing for the dream and bright future.

The body of horse is blood red. It symbolizes that “TRUEMAX” is a Ferghana horse, condensed of entrepreneurs’ painstaking care. Trough untold hardships, thousands ways attempt, and finally they built the company successfully. 

3. Truemax core value

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Diligent and Devoted

Innovation and Development

Personal Mastery

Team Cooperation

Customer Orientation

  • Marketing Manager Department
    Commercial Director: Ms Maggie
    Email : jia@truemax.cn
    Tel No. : 0086-571-85803511

  • Southeast Asia
    Area Manager:Miss Kelly
    Email :sales086@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179589

  • South Asia
    Area Manager:Mr.Steven 
    Email :sales019@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179570

  • South Asia/Southeast Asia
    Area Manager:Mr.Caven
    Email :sales027@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-573-87896068

  • South America/Central America
    Area Manager:Ms.Helen
    Email :sales032@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179583

  • Africa(West Africa/South Africa/East Africa)
    Area Manager:Ms.Nancy
    Email :sales034@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179581

  • Middle East and North Africa
    Area Manager:Mr.Girvan
    Email :sales070@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179561

  • Far East/Russian Line
    Area Manager:Miss Kelly
    Email :sales086@truemax.cn
    Tel No. :0086-571-88179589

Abroad :

  • Dubai-United Arab Emirates
    Mobile:+971 558186392
    Email: sales070@truemax.cn

  • Santiago-Chile
    Mobile:+56 978891171
    Email: sales032@truemax.cn

  • Manila-Philippines
    Mobile:+63 9270773973
    Email: sales097@truemax.cn

  • Addis ababa-Ethiopia
    P.O.BOX 17541
    Mobile:+251 930362384
    Email: sales034@truemax.cn

  • Lagos-Nigeria
    Mobile:+234 8184149206
    Email: sales013@truemax.cn

  • Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia
    Mobile:+60 123649336
    Email: mywktan@truemax.cn

  • Jakarta-Indonesia
    Email: sales032@truemax.cn

  • Headquarters address: 11st Floor Yinfeng Building,NO.1505 Binsheng road, Hangzhou ,China

    Tel : 0086-571-85803511

    Fax : 0086-571-85803522

    Email : sales@truemax.cn

    Zip : 310014

  • Factory address: No.12 Zhenjiang Road, Jianshan New Zone, Haining City, Zhejiang Province China

    Tel : 0086-573-87896068

    Fax : 0086-573-87896558

    Email : sales@truemaxengg.com

    Zip : 314415

2 Hours by air from Guangzhou to Hangzhou.
2.5 Hours by air from Beijing to Hangzhou.
50Minute by train from Shanghai to Hangzhou.
2.5 Hours by car from Shanghai to our Company.
30 Minutes by car from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to our Company